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Teacher Pensions

We at Appreciation Financial focus on the teachers of our country because they are the backbone of a healthy and growing society. Making sure that our Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana teachers can retire in the comfort that they deserve is a mission that we will continue to fulfill throughout the life of our company. Not every state or even local government is the same, and your contributions and rules regarding your retirement may change depending on where you live. Our job is to identify your current portfolio and let you know if you are headed down the correct path according to your retirement goals.

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The most common retirement plan for teachers and faculty, which we most often recommend, is the 403(b). The 403(b) is very similar to the popular 401(k), with slight differences regarding when each is taxed. You might be given a couple of different options when you begin employment, and those options will send you down very different paths. Let Appreciation Financial sit down and understand what you want your retirement to look like, and we can give some expert advice as to what option would be wise to choose.

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We offer a free pension review to all our prospective clients. It never hurts to have some trained eyes take a detailed look at your portfolio and give you some insight into where your retirement path is headed. Click here to schedule an initial consultation.

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Need Help Understanding Your TRS Pension Plan?
We know how difficult it is to understand your TRS Pension plan and benefits. Most teachers, admins, and district employees spend most of their time helping others that they seldom take the time to help themselves. So, as a part of our community “Give-Back” program, we want to help you understand your pension plan. We offer a free pension review, so you can know exactly when you are eligible to retire and how much income you can expect in retirement. We can even help you figure out what the impact to any social security entitlements may be once you start drawing your pension.
We are not direct employees of the TRS Pension System, but are experts on the Texas TRS program. All of our employees are required to pass a certification exam before being allowed to discuss with TRS staff or employees. We’ve taken the time to understand your pension, so we can help you with your pension, calculate your projected income, provide financial education, identify any exposures, and answer any and all questions.
We are also experts in most areas of retirement to include safe money options, estate planning, life insurance, tax-free retirement, debt solutions, and even long term care solutions. We work in behalf of you, not a specific company, so we are impartial and unbiased so we can make sure what’s truly best for you!
We have access to most of your district approved 403b providers, IRA companies, and insurance companies, so we will never force you into one company that we represent.

If you need help with your TRS (Teachers Retirement System) Pension, Social Security, or planning your income gap using supplemental plans, then schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience by clicking the link below:

Working as a substitute teacher or as a greeter at Walmart is not a successful retirement plan. We are here to help now, so you won’t have to work later!