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Advanced Wealth Strategies

If you are a business owner, you need to consider your retirement because you obviously won’t have an employer contributed 401(k) to take out of your paycheck. At Appreciation Financial, we have several advanced strategies that are good for aggressively accumulating wealth and making sure you have a fixed income for the day you decide to walk away and sell your business. We have found fixed index annuities to be the most trustworthy source of guaranteed income for those who want to live out the rest of their lives hassle-free from worrying where their next check will come from.
Strategies For Texas Business Owners
Protect Yourself From Inflation

Protect Yourself From Inflation

We know you have seen it. Washington has continuously spent enormous amounts of money that we don’t have, resulting in the Fed injecting more American dollars into circulation. This can be detrimental to your life’s savings and even your retirement plans if you do not plan accordingly. Luckily, we have several different tools at our disposal to help you combat inflation and keep your wealth at the same level. Click here to set up an initial appointment and go over some advanced retirement portfolios that would be best for your situation.

The IRS is always lurking. Even if they don’t get you right away, they will always come back and get you and require that you pay them back with interest. Get the expert advisors at Appreciation Financial in your corner, and learn what to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do, with your estate.

Do you think that our government can continue printing money at this unprecedented rate, or do you believe that taxes are going to have to go up in the future to balance the national deficit? Do you want to pay those taxes?
Is there someone at the IRS that you are so madly in love with that you want to give them a large portion of your money in retirement? What if there was a way to pay taxes on the way in, so you wouldn’t have to pay on the way out?
Why do you have a Mortgage? Maybe so you could leverage a loan, so you could afford a bigger house. Why aren’t you setting up your retirement based on that same principal? What if there was a way to leverage money from a bank, just like your mortgage, but you could use that money to fund your retirement? When would you want to know about it? What if it allowed you to retire with a tax-sheltered income?
Are you an owner of a successful business and worried about losing your employees to larger companies? Would you like to offer executive bonus programs or incentives to reward and keep them? What about key employees? If you lost one to sickness or death, how would that impact your company? These are just a few of the concepts that we can help you with in our Advanced Wealth Strategies. If you aren’t offering executive bonuses to your employees, most likely your competition is!

Our meetings are free, but the knowledge is priceless! Schedule a convenient time on our calendar link below, so you can learn about several different ways to create life-changing wealth!