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Firefighter Pensions

Firefighters are also public employees and have some retirement options that ordinary private-sector employees are not eligible for. We appreciate the firefighter who puts their life on the line every day when they show up at the station. We want to do everything in our power to help firefighters retire comfortably with their families. We offer a hassle-free no cost consultation so you can discover any recent changes to your pension, how much income you will receive from your pension, the impact of social security and taxes, and how to prepare a strategy to ensure you can retire with dignity.

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Firefighter Retirement Planning In Texas
Just like teachers, a 403(b) is a standard and desired option for firefighters. A 403(b) is a great, relatively safe option that will be there when you’re ready to hang up the hat. It is very similar to a 401(k), where the contributions are directed by you and made by a paycheck deduction. They both also have the long-term goal of providing you with a steady income from the time you retire until your passing. Let us help you retire with peace of mind that you will have a reliable income to do what you couldn’t do while working.

Get Your Pension Reviewed Free

Not every firefighter has their 403(b) set up to match their retirement goals, however, and it would be a bright idea to have a trained professional take a look at yours for free.

403(B) Plans For Firefighters
Firefighter Retirement & Pension Plan Reviews
Ric Carroll started helping Fire Fighters with their pensions when he had a relative that was impacted by his ignorance of his pension plan. He worked for the Fort Worth Fire Department and was under the impression that he would be able to take his wife’s social security benefit when he retired. Unfortunately, he waited until he retired to figure out that his pension negated that income. He didn’t have the knowledge that his pension had a large impact on his social security benefits, until he actually retired.
We often hear from young people that they won’t be retiring any time soon, so they don’t need a pension review. When would be the best time to figure it out that your pension might only give you half of your current salary? While you are young and have time to plan, or when you are getting ready to retire?
There have been a lot of changes to pension plans, such as the Dallas Police and Fire Department Pension Plan. Do you know how it will affect you? Would you like help understanding when the best time you will be able to retire and/or how much you will get in retirement from your pension? What about taxes? Did you know that taxable income can actually impact the cost of your Medicare?
Will your retirement savings plans be enough to supplement your income or will the impact of federal taxes diminish what you thought would last the rest of your life?

Don’t guess when it comes to your retirement. You won’t pay a dime for our service, but you’ll gain knowledge to set you up for a secure future. Schedule a time when you are ready at the link below: